Monday, January 20, 2014

Imogen Heap: Sparks

I worked with Imogen on the video for 'Neglected Space' in 2011, and have teamed up with her again to create a set of limited edition prints signed by the both of us for her Pledge Music campaign for her next album, 'Sparks'.

Imogen has whizzed up 24 objects with a special Blendtec blender (are you a fan of "Will It Blend"...) that were important in some way to the making of the album, and incorporated them into paper. I  have made drawings of these objects which have been turned into prints using this amazing paper. Each print within the edition is actually totally unique as it will contain different pieces of the objects.

See the video of Imogen blending the objects here

Click here to go to the Pledge Music page, and watch the video which explains the amazing box set she is making.

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