Sunday, September 30, 2012

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Here 2012

It's Nice That held the most amazing day of talks yesterday at the Royal Geographical Society, called Here and they asked me, along side Kyle Platts and Thomas Slater to do some live illustrations of people attending the talks.

I am so unbelievably thrilled to have seen Sir Paul Smith giving a brilliant talk, God his clothes are gorgeous, what I'd give for a suit...

Anyway! Each drawing I made was between 3-5 minutes long, unfortunately didn't manage to photograph them all, so if anyone has any more photographs please send them my way!

Thank you so much to London Graphics Centre who supplied all of our materials, they were extremely generous.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hmmm Aubin & Wills...

Hmmm... several people have brought some recent designs at Aubin & Wills to my attentions. Now, I can't help but feel a little miffed...

Their fox designs...

My fox silkscreen design seen at my final exhibition and this year's Pick Me Up as part of the "Selects" Group: 

(this is the very first one with slightly different gradient from the one exhibited at Pick Me Up)

And this is one of the prints exhibited at Pick Me Up, currently framed and wrapped in my sitting room...

Oh, and the inspiration for the silkscreen print from my book 'Human (adj.), which is actually more similar to their one than the print in terms of the quality of the medium.

Naughty, why not ask me to do it? What do you think my fees are?! Or maybe they're unaware and an illustrator they commissioned got 'inspired'. Very flattering, but feels a bit funny, and as far as I'm aware, it's the first time it's happened with my work.

Virgin Shorts Poster

Handsome Frank were asked to curate posters for 12 of the 13 finalists of this year's Virgin Media Shorts. I designed this poster for 'Without Saying' , a story set in the opening chapters of a romance, a boy with no shortage of words struggles to express his feelings to the one girl who cares. Filmed beautifully, amazing muted colours and bleak landscape. 

Window Mural Fitzroy Place

Well, for the last 8 months or so, I've been working with Heavenly on the branding for Fitzroy Place, a housing development in Fitrovia. I've made drawings for the brochures and for a promotional taxi, and the latest request was a hand drawn window mural of the building for the launch party later this week...